Board of Directors - 2018

Jolene Frey - Board President

Freedom Academy

Jolene and her husband, Jerod, were both born and raised in Noble County. A thriving community is important to the Freys, as they’re now raising their 4-year old daughter, Kinlee, here too.

“With the opportunities and resources we have combined, I see so many strengths in Noble County,” she said. “I think we have a lot of passionate leaders in our community along with a lot of people that want to see change and know how to make it happen.”

Jolene is definitely one of those passionate leaders. She’s the Program Manager for Freedom Academy, and loves that what she does can change someone’s life through education and opportunity. But Jolene doesn’t stop there. She is very involved with the Noble County Young Professional’s Network (YPN), she chairs the Power of the Purse event, is active with the Stones Hill Community Church, and has volunteered for many events and organizations within the community.


Adam Peters - Campbell & Fetter Bank

Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Adam Peters may have grown up in Woodburn, but he has wonderful summer memories at the Atwood Campground and Dallas Lake. These days, much of his life revolves around the lake. He enjoys kayaking and wakeboarding, has helped with the Annual Westler Lake Poker Run for a number of years and was part of a group that removed and reinstalled a concrete damn for the Lake Chain.

“I think the benefit of our community is that Kendallville still has a small town feel, while at the same time having a diverse number business and industries.”


Tammy Pifer - Brightpoint Headstart/Early Headstart

Board Secretary & Governance Committee Chair

Tammy Pifer spends her days helping others at Brightpoint. An empty-nester herself, she manages home visiting programs that serve prenatal woman and families with infants and toddlers. She wants to see Noble County be a strong, healthy community where people have the opportunities to live to their fullest potential.

"I am passionate about helping families in poverty and especially families with infants and toddlers. I have this quote in my office:

'Every child needs one person who is crazy about him.' – Urie Bronfenbrenner"


Julie Buttgen - Parkview Noble Hospital

Resource Development Committee Chair


Judge Michael Kramer - Noble County Circuit Court

Member At Large

So many of the hopes and dreams of Michael Kramer align with the mission of the United Way of Noble County, that it was natural for him to become a board member. He feels children should be loved and supported, and helped to develop a lifelong love of learning. He hopes for financial security of Noble County residents, and that they will be safe and healthy in their homes.

“Noble County residents are open-minded and willing to embrace new ideas and new people.  There is a strong sense of community and ownership.  If there is a problem, Noble County residents step up to fix the problem rather than wait for someone else to do it.”  


Jenna Anderson - Kendallville Public Library

Marketing Lead

Jenna Anderson hasn’t always been a Noble County resident, but she’s embraced it as though she’s been here her whole life. As Marketing Specialist for the Kendallville Public Library, she makes connections with many organizations and non-profits in the area. Becoming a United Way of Noble County board member was a natural step.

“We have a strong non-profit network in Noble County, and I want to do my part to make sure that every resident knows about and is taking advantage of the resources available to them.”


Eric Risedorph - Parkview Noble Hospital

Member At Large

Eric Risedorph is often the first smiling face you’ll see when you walk into the Emergency Department at Parkview Noble Hospital. His job in Patient Access gives him the chance to meet many different people around Noble County and beyond. He’s happy to be part of the United Way of Noble County because it’s able to make a big impact in the community.

“Noble County is home to a lot of amazing people and businesses. I am constantly amazed by the generosity of local citizens and businesses. There are also a lot of great agencies ready to lend a hand to those in need.”