Disaster Plan


Effective, July, 2013
United Way of Noble County
Internal Operations
Updated: February 2014


In the event of any disaster that interrupts our normal business, the primary mission of the United Way of Noble County is the safety of our employees and maintaining contact with our member agencies.
When there is a potential emergency situation, the first action is to call the Executive Director  The staff will then be notified.
Key personnel to be notified in the event of any disaster that has the potential to interrupt normal business are as follows:
Exec. Director   Debi Pfaffenberger         260-306-5360   or     260-221-0144 (cell)      
Bd. President    Tammi Pifer         

The United Way of Noble County has identified procedures to be followed in the event any disaster occurs and interrupts our ability to communicate with our agencies and volunteers.  This plan consists of the following categories.








1.     Annually evaluate property (and related) insurance
2.    Update employee phone directory (home, cell and
       at least one emergency contact).
3.    Prepare back up disks at least weekly and store at
      a secure offsite location.
4.    On or about January 1 and July 1, inventory first-aid
    survival supplies as stored in a marked location.
    *  American Red Cross approved first aid kit
    *  Battery powered radio with extra batteries
    *  Flashlight with extra batteries
    *  Candles and matches
    *  Basic tools (hammer, nails, screwdriver, pliers)
5.     On or about January 1 and July 1, inventory security supplies.         
    *  Fire extinguisher    
    *  Rolls of duct tape
    *  Rolls of masking tape
    *  Tarps/plastic covering
    *  Assorted collapsed boxes
    *  Large heavy duty trash bags
6    Develop and maintain a list of at least 10 volunteers plus the Board of Directors willing to assist      the UWNC’s disaster support functions.
7.    Maintain an updated list of local emergency planning agencies and contacts.
8.    Maintain an updated phone/fax list of the Top 20 companies for both the Executive Director and Campaign Coordinator.
9.    Prepare and update annually Disaster Recovery and Response Binders for staff members along with 5 extra.
    Binders to include the following:
    a.  Phone/fax/email for all of the following
    *  Office of Emergency Preparedness
    *  Staff list
    *  Volunteers
    *  United Way Agency List
    *  Top 20 companies
    *  UWA Disaster Response Team
    *  Media list
    *  Chamber of Commerce memberships
    *  List of churches
    b.  Job description and general guidelines for
    disaster response volunteers
    c.  Staff binders only:  Internal response plan
10.     Organize and store supplies for disaster recovery.
    a.  Disaster binders
    b.  Volunteer intake forms
    c.  One flip chart
    d.  Box of markers
    e.  Masking tape
    f.   Paper tablets
    g.  Fax cover sheets
    h.  Pens/pencils
    i.  Paper clips
11.    Review Disaster Recovery Plan at March or April Board
12.    Provide disaster preparation training annually for all                      


1.    Call meeting to discuss pending emergency and review
    the plan.  Identify back-up facilities, if severity warrants, identify and recruit out of town telephone contacts (i.e. United Way in area unaffected).
2.    Notify Board President of status of United Way
a.     Safety of personnel
b.    Secure exterior of facility, tape windows
    and secure loose items as needed.
c.    Secure interior of facility
       * Shut down computers and off. equipment
       * Prepare to move backup to offsite location
       * Move computers and other equipment to           
                safer locations (i.e. hallways)
       * Have identified files and finance files
    secured and prepared to transport
       * Gather essential office supplies, secure and
     prepare for transport
       * Clear desks of loose items, gather
    personnal effects and prepare to transport
4.    Anticipate request from the Red Cross and local emer-
    gency planners for assistance.
a.    Establish contact with appropriate local
    emergency and Red Cross personnel.
b.    Notify disaster volunteers recruited and
    confirm availability
5.    Anticipate need for additional cash resources and withdraw $200 from operating account to enhance petty cash.
6.    If building evacuation is necessary:
a.    Determine facility is inadequate
b.    Determine transportation to alternate sites
c.    Coordinate alternate site preparation and
    materials/equipment transfers
d.    Arrange phone operations at alternate sites
e.    Change answering machine message
a.    Gather and box/secure non-essential files and                        
b.    Establish bank account for special donations and communicate information to the media.
c.    Assess manpower needs for United Way operations and schedule accordingly.
d.    Schedule disaster volunteers in coordination with appropriate local emergency personnel and Red Cross.

a.    Reconvene staff to coordinate aftermath actions.
             * Revise work schedules as needed
             * Secure alternate locations as needed
b.         Phone calls to check on safety and status of:
             *  All employees
             *  Partner agencies
             *  Board members/key volunteers
             *  Major firms, of OK ascertain role firm
    can play in recovery
c     Assess facility.
            *  Report broken water and electrical lines
            *  Document damage, relay information to
    insurance providers
d.     Reoccupation.
            *  Reactivate suspended power/utility
            *  Reassemble/install computers
e.        Consult with Board President and other volunteer
           leaders to develop timetable for resumption of
           normal activities.
f.         Activate volunteer referral process for disaster.
          * Prepare/send out media releases
          * Contact volunteer chairman
          * Assign someone to coordinate agency
g.    Coordinate work schedule with Red Cross and
    local emergency planners.    
h.     Notify United Way of America of status of
        operations and community needs.


1.    Provide or locate operational space to agencies whose
    facilities were adversely affected by the emergency.
2.    Coordinate with representatives of American Red Cross,
    Salvation Army, local emergency planners and other disaster relief organizations to develop, or provide assistance to, recovery plans and unmet needs.
3.    Thank you letter to donors and volunteers.
4.    Reconvene staff to begin assessment of response and
    continuing needs.


1.     Any funds invested by the United Way of Noble County in disaster relief shall come from the organizations’ reserve fund or unsolicited funds received during the disaster.  The primary focus of the United Way of Noble County’s financial investment during a disaster will be to assist affiliated member agencies in the recovery process and secondarily for victim relief assistance.

2.    Funds designated for disaster relief and recovery will be dedicated for that purpose.  If funds remain after all disaster related needs have been addresses, then said funds will be set aside for future disaster relief.


    In a signed agreement with Campbell & Fetter Bank (copy attached), in the event that an emergency causes evacuation of the local office, the United Way of Noble County staff will re-locate to the Campbell & Fetter Bank building located at 126 S Orchard St., Kendallville, IN.

    Key Contacts:       Doug Targgart, Megan Voss
    Location:              126 S Orchard St., Kendallville, IN
    Phone Number:    260-347-1500

    In the event of a community wide disaster where assistance would be required from a neighboring United Way”

    United Way:
    Key Contacts:
    Phone Number:


    United Way:
    Key Contacts:
    Phone Number: